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Taking a proactive approach to school safety, security

With the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary still fresh in mind, experts say the need to put emphasis on school safety is stronger than ever.

Broome-Tioga Boces partnered with the office of Senator Tom Libous (R) to organize a two month series of summits on school safety funded by a state grant.

Over the next several weeks school administrators and staff, first responders and social workers will be trained on a comprehensive approach to school safety.

“Sandy Hook’s created an overemphasis on active shooters, but we also want people to look at day to day issues,” said Ken Trump, president of the National School Safety and Security Services. “Non-custodial parents, strangers coming in the buildings, what to do if you have a weather or natural disaster.”

He said small preparations can go a long way in the face of crisis.

“We’re trying to get educators and first responders to think out of the box,” Trump said. “Diversify their drills, don’t do lock downs just at lunch time, do them in the morning when kids arrive.”

Law enforcement response has also evolved.

“Before Columbine, you had to wait for the SWAT team to get there,” said Broome County Sheriff David Harder. “Then they moved to where you had to go in with four officers, then they went down to three, and two. Now, one single officer is able to go into the building and start clearing.”

Officials said collaboration is also key.

“It’s like that saying, ‘It takes a community to raise a child,”‘ said Kelly Collins-Colosi, a social worker with the Norwich City School District. “It takes a community to keep our students safe.”


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