In school, student safety is a constant concern. Fire, tornado, and lockdown drills are practiced regularly. However, no amount of drilling can guarantee safety from the invasion of an armed intruder.

After the terrible tragedy of Sandy Hook, one teacher was inspired to create a solution that is easy to use, value oriented and extremely effective. This inspiration became the Portable Affordable Lockdown System™ (PALS™) – designed to provide “safety in seconds” to both students and teachers. Lockdown Solutions, Inc. was then formed and with it a school teacher’s idea for classroom safety has been transformed into a reality.

Cost effective and user-friendly, PALS™ is the best device available to insure children’s safety in the classroom. Safety is the priority. Lockdown Solutions would like to see a PALS™ device for every classroom on every campus as we take a proactive approach to school safety.

From the creator of the Portable Affordable Lockdown System™

“As a middle school teacher, I am deeply concerned not only for the safety of each of my students but also for my own safety. The PALS is a simple, yet effective device that can deter entry into any classroom or similar location. It is easy to install, simple to use and a deterrent to any campus intruder. Securely attached to the inside door handle and connected to the eye bolt in the wall, the door becomes nearly impossible to open from the outside. Most importantly, it will slow or stop an intruder until help arrives and the threat is removed. PALS provides fast safety and security when and where it is needed most.”

Celisa Edwards; Dacula Middle School